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NEWSLETTER: Healthy Set... Happy Pet

2017-08-09 15:57:11

Dental disease is painful, and leads to serious health concerns.  Unless your pet has a clean and healthy set of teeth, they can’t be 100% happy. Teeth covered in tartar, leads to gum disease. In its early stages, gum disease is reversible. However, if left, it ...(cont.)

NEWSLETTER: Let's Talk Worms

2017-06-22 13:07:38

Most people know that it’s best to worm your pet…. Simple, right? Most people, however, start to get confused when they realise how many products are available, and that not all products treat all potential worm infestations…. Not so simple.   I ...(cont.)


2017-05-06 12:13:52

If you haven’t met me yet, my name is Trevor, and I’m available most days on the front counter at Peninsula Vet Surgery. If you ask for me by name, my humans usually help you meet me. I pose for selfies, but don’t do autographs...yet. I’ve been the ...(cont.)

NEWSLETTER: Saving Teeth with Fillings

2017-03-23 21:20:15

Your pet's broken tooth may not need removing! We may be able to place a tooth coloured filling in the deficit to repair the damage.  Cats and dogs often damage their teeth. Chipped enamel exposes the underlying dentine which has a porous surface that connects to the ...(cont.)

NEWSLETTER: Does Your Cat Need a Friend?

2017-01-06 12:33:07

Is your cat lonely and need a companion? Probably not. Cats, unlike humans and dogs, are sole survivors. That means they don't need social relationships to be happy. They definitely can choose to form bonds with other cats and other species, but not all cats will. ...(cont.)

NEWSLETTER: Christmas 2016 and New Year Opening Hours

2016-12-15 05:54:20

       If you need Veterinary Care over the holiday period: Call us on 3284 5133. Opening Hours: Saturday 24th Dec 2016 : 9am to 12pm, Sunday 25th Dec 2016 : CLOSED,  Monday 26th Dec 2016 : CLOSED, Tuesday 27th Dec& ...(cont.)

NEWSLETTER: Is Your Dog still Scratching?

2016-11-08 15:36:54

It could be Atopy. So what is Atopy? Atopy is the second most common cause of dermatitis in dogs. It is an allergy to particles in the air that cause hay fever in humans. The skin barrier of an atopic dog is defective, which means these air-borne particles get absorbe ...(cont.)

NEWSLETTER: Dogs and Cats Get Stressed Too!!!

2016-08-18 09:03:05

Our furry friends can develop anxiety and stress over what we may perceive as simple changes in their lives. Dogs, being social creatures, are most happy when they have a regular routine, and clear and consistent signals from their family. They try really hard to follow ou ...(cont.)


2016-08-16 08:54:20

WHICH PRODUCTS ACTUALLY WORK AGAINST FLEAS AND TICKS??? Fleas continue to be a big problem in our area, but some flea products on the market are less effective than others and some have become less effective over time. The most dangerous Tick for our pets is the Paral ...(cont.)

NEWSLETTER: Pet Dental Care: Frequently Asked Questions

2016-03-08 07:11:57

Dental care is an important and expanding area of pet health. Often, after we have performed dentistry, our patients’ parents tell us that they act more energetic and playful than they have in years!! The condition of our furry friends teeth directly impacts o ...(cont.)


2016-01-26 10:04:29

SUMMER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER WHEN HEAT STROKE BECOMES A RISK FOR OUR FOUR LEGGED FRIENDS. What are the signs, and how can you prevent this life threatening situation? Heat stroke (Hyperthermia) is an increase in body temperature that occurs when the body cannot cope wit ...(cont.)


2016-01-26 10:03:55

PURRS, CHIRPS, HISSES AND SNARLS.....WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR CAT TRYING TO TELL YOU? Growing Up,  a mother and kittens need to talk... A stray tabby gives birth to a litter of three kittens under the  bush in a backyard. As she nurses them, she purrs; as they suckle, ...(cont.)


2016-01-23 04:41:30

OUR PETS BECOME PART OF OUR FAMILIES, BUT UNLIKE THE CHILDREN, THEIR SAFETY IS SOMETIMES OVERLOOKED.  Here is some advice that can help keep your beloved pet safe.  When travelling in a vehicle, it is illegal to have an unrestrained pet. ie. Dogs are t ...(cont.)


2016-01-23 04:27:34

  RECENT YEARS HAVE SEEN MORE AND MORE FELINE FRIENDS LIVING PERMANENTLY INDOORS. Indoors, Kittens do especially well, but adult cats can also adapt, as long as they are supplied adequate enrichment in their environment. Cats are natural hunters, and should ...(cont.)


2016-01-23 04:16:26

A NUMBER OF OUR PATIENTS HAVE EATEN POISONOUS PLANTS AND UNWITTINGLY POISONED THEMSELVES. These included both dogs and cats. There are a large number of potentially poisonous plants in our gardens which inquisitive pets can munch on by mistake. Sometimes this can be fatal ...(cont.)

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