Here is some advice that can help keep your beloved pet safe.

  •  When travelling in a vehicle, it is illegal to have an unrestrained pet. ie. Dogs are to be restrained by a car harness that clips to the seatbelt or in a crate and cats should be in a carrier or crate. This is for both their safety and our own as not only can they injure themselves if something happens they can also injure us. In Queensland it is a $200 fine for having an unrestrained pet in the vehicle and an additional fine of $233 if the pet is on your lap whilst driving.
  • All dogs should be ON A LEAD WHEN WALKING (unless its a legitimate off leash area). Just because your pet may be super friendly does not mean others that they approach are. When near roads even a well behaved dog may see something and decide to investigate and run out in front of a car. For night walking you can buy from the pet stores reflective harnesses, leads and collars so that your pet is clearly visible to traffic.

  • When using COLLARS on dogs for walking ensure they AREN’T TOO LOOSE and that your dog can’t escape out of it. Never use a cat safety collar on a dog for lead walking as they are designed to break if pulled on. These collars are ideal for your cat though, if they get caught in a tree etc with pressure they will break free. .
  • If using a CHOKE CHAIN for walking your dog please NEVER LEAVE THEM ON AFTER walks or use them as a normal collar or tie them to runners or posts using them as they can get caught on things and choke or hang themselves.
  • NEVER THROW STICKS for your dog as they can impale themselves or obtain other serious injuries. Use balls or throwers instead.

  • Make sure to use an APPROPRIATE SIZED BALL for your breed of dog as a large dog playing with a small ball can potentially get caught in their throat or obstructed. Also toys with squeakers or bells that are chewed should be thrown away so they aren’t swallowed.
  • Ensure your pet is MICROCHIPPED so that they always carry your contact details with them in case they become lost.
  • Keep dogs CONFINED WHILST MOWING, using whipper snippers, or chain saws to avoid injury.
  • CLEAN UP YOUR YARD, especially if you have any trees that DROP SEEDS ie palm trees, Macadamias. These seeds don’t break down if swallowed and can cause obstruction. Also take care when throwing out seeds from stone fruits that your pet doesn’t decide to eat them as these seeds also don’t break down when swallowed.
  • When APPLYING PRODUCTS TO YOUR CAT, strictly never use anything on them that isn’t advertised for their use. Some constituents are toxic to them. Cats like to groom themselves and can ingest the toxin.