General Surgery

We perform many types of general surgery at Peninsula Veterinary surgery. These range from removing lumps, and stitching wounds, to gastro-intestinal surgery or fracture repair.

Some situations are best handled at the surgical specialist, and we will always inform you of your choices. If we believe your pet should be referred to receive the best care, we will discuss this with you.?

Things to consider whenever booking your pet in for surgery:

Is pre-anaesthetic blood testing an option?

Will your pet receive intravenous fluids?

Is it routine to give pain relief during and after the procedure?

These things reduce risks inherent in general anaesthesia, and make for the best postoperative outcome for your pet.


We have the latest digital technology in radiology, as taking diagnostic xrays plays an enormous part in a general dog and cat practice.

Many things can be detected on xray, including pregnancy, broken bones, the size position and shape of soft tissue organs, some cancers and much more.

Generally, we will anaesthetise our patients, to take the best xray possible, and this will usually involve the patient staying with us for part, or all of the day.