HI THERE. MY NAME IS COPERNICUS AND I BELONG TO THE CUMINES PACK. I had a strange experience the other day that I would like to share with you…

I am now 6 months old and I’m pretty much a big boy now. I’ve lost all my baby teeth and my big teeth have come through.

I’ve been going to obedience classes which I love!! I think they are finished now but I got heaps of treats and got to see some of my neighbourhood friends.

Anyway, the day began the same as any normal day. I got up and played with my family but something was missing… my food bowl was empty, and my water bowl had disappeared!

I should have been suspicious when James smiled and suggested that I ride to Peninsula Veterinary Surgery, where he works, in the car with him. Of course I love going to work with James, especially if I get a ride in the car, so I hopped in.

Once at the vet surgery, the lovely nurses went crazy over me…as usual…and I went a little crazy over them in return. They checked me over, gave me a cuddle and asked me to sit quietly in a cage downstairs in the kennel room. It was warm and very comfy. Sammy was my nurse for the day, and she was always talking to me and making sure I was okay. There were other puppies and kittens in cages next to me that I couldn’t see – but they were very talkative!

Later that morning, Ashleigh and Sammy shaved my leg and took some blood with a needle. They then gave me an injection under the skin on my neck! Both the needles felt kind of odd (and I was a little bit scared) but the cuddle I got was definitely worth it! About 10 minutes later I started feeling sleepy and slowly dozed off.

I was feeling pretty zen, but next thing I knew, James got me out of my cozy cage and he placed a catheter in my leg. The last thing I remember is James injecting something into my drip and then I drifted off into a lovely sleep.

I’m not sure how long I was asleep, but when I woke up I was back in my cage. Something felt a bit odd and when I looked down, I was shaved in my nether regions and there was stitches there!! I thought I’d do the right thing and give them a lick to see what they were, but Sammy saw me and although she was smiling, she told me I was naughty to lick my stitches, and then she put a huge cone around my head!

I dozed for the rest of the afternoon, and I felt so lovely and relaxed when I woke up – even a bit hungry!! I heard Sammy and Ashleigh talking and apparently James gave me some pain relief injections and antibiotics.

I did feel a bit wobbly when James took me home that evening.

The next day I jumped out of bed and sprinted around the yard like all dogs my age are entitled to do, and I felt pretty good. But when I finished, my stitch area felt a little bit sore, although it really didn’t hurt that much… James and Penny kept shaking their heads at me as I raced around the yard….again. After that, they confined me to one room and put my bed in there with me. I was very confused because I normally hang around outside during the day, and then create a bit of fun inside at night with my family. But no, all day I had to play with my toys inside, and I was only let outside to go to the toilet on a lead!

Well 10 days went by before I was allowed full privileges again, but then James took my stitches out and I’m back to powering around the yard again and having a ball! WOOHOO!!

See you at the Surgery,

Copernicus Cumines