Good dental health contributes to good overall health, but 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some measure of teeth and or gum disease.

Fortunately, most of this is not advanced. However, our pets cannot tell us when there is a problem in their mouth, and rarely complain even if gum disease and tartar buildup are present.

Bad teeth can go hand in hand with a number of organ problems in the body, especially affecting the kidneys and heart.

Regular dental checkups aid in the early detection of problems that may have arisen since the last dental check or procedure.

At Peninsula Veterinary Surgery we have a complete Dental Unit that allows us to scale and polish teeth, as well as perform extractions where necessary.

On rare occasions, root canal work is indicated, and there are a number of Veterinary Dental Specialists available in Brisbane that we work closely with.

We would love all our patients to have great teeth, and this starts with a good diet, and, if possible, raw bones for both dogs and cats.