It’s essential to have your pet examined thoroughly at least once a year.

Vaccinations due can be done at the same time, but the examination is equally if not more important.

Animals can’t say, “Hey my elbow has been bugging me lately,” or “ I’ve been having a bit of trouble eating.” They need to be examined by someone who knows the signs of early disease, and who performs a complete physical examination of your pet’s entire body.

It’s so much easier, more economical, and less heart breaking if we detect and treat disease early.

Cats hide pain well, much better than dogs, being loners they tend to be stoic and not show signs of disease until it’s advanced. This means they too should be examined regularly, despite the fact they hide when you bring out the carrier, and meow constantly in the car on the way to see us.

Dental disease is difficult to detect without a veterinary examination because not many owners are able to pry open their dog or cat’s mouth to see their teeth and gums. It’s not just about bad breath, because dental disease can be extremely painful and can have far reaching health consequences.

Skin lumps are very commonly found on our pets and some are aggressively malignant. Discussing the options of removal and testing with us early, is the safest course of action.

Older pets are more likely to succumb to heart disease, cancers, metabolic disorders and arthritis. Detecting these diseases early, sometimes a simple blood test or a biopsy, could save their life or at least extend the numbers of years you have with them.

So, a stitch in time really does save nine…
Make sure your beloved family pets are examined annually