You CAN improve your dog’s behaviour!

Do you find your dog is a challenge to live with, won’t listen and does what he wants?

Are you in need of help to set your dog on the right track and stop any undesirable behaviours, be it barking, chasing, digging, chewing, toilet problems, jumping up, escaping, shyness, anxiety, aggression, not listening when you give commands, or just being over the top with excitement?

Our dogs are social beings and love to be with us or other dogs, but this can cause problems when they are allowed to dictate when, where, and how long, they do something they want. We need to set rules and boundaries for them.

We all would like a well-behaved dog that makes us feel proud and confident, and if every family member applies consistent ground rules and training, you will have a well mannered dog in next to no time.

If you are the owner of a new puppy, then Puppy Preschool, such as the classes held by Peninsula Veterinary Surgery, for socialisation in a safe environment, are a great start to owning a well mannered dog that is a joy to have. Further obedience classes, once completing Puppy Preschool, are available at various localities, and will add to your pup’s knowledge and development.

Sometimes a one on one approach is needed to counter undesirable behaviours. Call us to discuss how we can help!