Puppies joining socialisation classes learn basic obedience, but more importantly, benefit greatly from playing with pups of a different breed and size to themselves, and meeting many different people.

Young puppies learn a tremendous amount through play.

  • This is how the pack hierarchy is established within a pack.

  • They learn about “bite inhibition”- that is the ability to control the biting instinct.

  • They discover how to manipulate each other.

  • They learn the all important calming signals of canine body language to ensure they avoid conflict and establish good relationships with the dogs they meet.

The socialisation period through play only lasts from 3-12 weeks of age, therefore the window of opportunity is very short.

A trip to the vet is one of the first things you do when bringing a new pup home. In order that this becomes a pleasure not a painful memory, we hold our socialization classes at the clinic, and make this a fun time so your pup will enjoy coming to visit us.

Our Puppy Preschool

  • Is a four week course, running on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and Thursday evenings at 6.30pm, designed to inform you on all puppy matters and most importantly socialising your puppy while you both have fun.

  • Puppies must be 8 weeks old and have had their first vaccination before commencing. (Puppies older than 16 weeks will need to attend an obedience class, as they will now act and play like a juvenile dog not a puppy and may not interact well with the younger pups.)

  • All puppies must be on lead on arrival.

  • Children are welcome to participate, but a limit of one child per family per session. (This is not just a play session, it is a structured class for pups to learn good manners.)

  • The course runs for 4 consecutive weeks with a minimum of 3 pups and a maximum of 8 pups per class.

  • You receive free samples, extensive notes, and our instructor is always on hand to offer advice on further training.