If you haven’t met me yet, my name is Trevor, and I’m available most days on the front counter at Peninsula Vet Surgery. If you ask for me by name, my humans usually help you meet me. I pose for selfies, but don’t do autographs…yet.

I’ve been the star attraction here for about six months, although I have only recently been making regular appearances. I was still coming to terms with the fact that not every animal is a fan and wants to meet me … I know…  I don’t understand it either. Most humans love me though. I won’t deny it.

Anyway, I arrived at the surgery when I was about 7 weeks old. I had found myself in a bit of a sticky situation and a lovely lady rescued me! She brought me here and of course, they all fell in love with me. Who wouldn’t? So here I am, and #letsbereal, I am well on the way to taking complete control of the place.

My day begins with food. My technique for training humans to feed me is to howl loudly and constantly. If they try not to do as I instruct, I will walk directly in front of them, continuing my howl, until they either trip over me (humans are so clumsy!) or feed me… whichever comes first.

After my toast and coffee (just kidding, I get biscuits and water…), it’s time to supervise the nurses admit all my friends! I sometimes think that some of them need company, so I’ve tried to join them in their cages, but the humans don’t agree with me…yet.

Appointment time is my favourite time of day. More animal friends and more humans! I love to tease the big dogs by sitting on the reception counter just out of reach….hehehe.

I do feel, however, it is my responsibility to rescue my fellow feline friends from their cat carriers. I don’t understand why they’re trapped in there…

Oh! and after I’ve spent time playing with the dogs, I’m often covered in slobber, so I then have to be bathed. I love, love, LOVE bath time!

NOT the blow dryer though….that thing is pure evil.

The rest of the day, I mostly just chill on the front counter, performing my duties as Chief Clinic Cat and Ambassador of Peninsula Veterinary Surgery.

In six short months I have pretty much become The Main Man at Peninsula Vet Surgery…  the staff love me, the clients love me, I love me, life is great! I’ve even been nominated for “Clinic Cat of the Year”.

If you haven’t voted for me yet, please vote for me! It’s simple…here’s the link.


And next time you are in, make sure you say Hi. See you soon!