Indoors, Kittens do especially well, but adult cats can also adapt, as long as they are supplied adequate enrichment in their environment.

Cats are natural hunters, and should be supplied with numerous stimulating cat toys so they can exercise their hunting prowess by stalking and catching their ‘prey’. Cats also require scratching poles as they need to rough up these surfaces to let other cats or people know where they are and what they are doing . As cats are hunters they also love to climb and be up high so it’s a good idea to have some walkways or a cat stand with various levels.

Having some “Cat grass” in a pot indoors can benefit an indoor cat as they like to eat grass to speed up digestion (you can purchase cat grass from most nurseries). Be aware that many indoor plants can be toxic to cats so ensure your cat does not chew on them.

The right nutrition is essential for an indoor cat. Many premium diets these days can be designed specifically for cats that live indoors. Indoor cats may be less active and so not requiring as many calories in their diet. Also cats in general like to groom themselves and can develop hairballs and need formulations to help pass them through. We highly recommend Eukanuba Indoor Hairball Relief as it meets these requirements.

Finally, cat enclosures are commercially available from a number of sources (just google “cat enclosure”).

They can be integrated to have a cat flap door to inside the house and are limited only by your imagination…and budget.


–    Prevents the hunting of wildlife as well as stopping the contracting of parasites and diseases from them.

–    Reduces the risk of road traffic accidents and poisonings.

–    Prevents attacks from dogs and other animals.

–    Reduces fighting with other cats and therefore stops abscesses.

–    Prevents unwanted breeding and the spreading of diseases such as Feline AIDS.

–    Prevents the heartache of having your cat go missing.

–    Prevents neighbourhood arguments.

–    Allows you to monitor your cat’s eating, drinking and toilet habits, which is helpful in determining you’re the health of your pet.

–    Piece of mind knowing that your cat is safe and healthy away from the dangers of the world.