Your pet’s broken tooth may not need removing! We may be able to place a tooth coloured filling in the deficit to repair the damage.

Cats and dogs often damage their teeth. Chipped enamel exposes the underlying dentine which has a porous surface that connects to the nerves of the pulp. It makes the tooth sensitive and its rough surface collects plaque and tartar more quickly. Bacteria can also enter the dentine as well and cause it to deteriorate.

Our practice routinely performs dental prophylaxis (clean, scale and polish) in dogs and cats, as well as extractions of teeth that are beyond repair. However, in certain cases, we can place composite fillings, that are used in human dentistry.
Composite fillings are tooth coloured and can be placed over teeth that have damage to the enamel or have been fractured (broken), but don’t have damage to the nerves or roots.

The photo below shows a canine tooth that has been saved with a composite filling. The tooth is not as pointed as the original to keep the filling intact for longer.

By placing a filling, we protect the tooth from further injury, and lessen the chance of nerve exposure to bacteria, and decrease the rate of tartar build up.

Having your pet’s teeth examined regularly for tartar and enamel damage is important, because dental disease can affect your pet’s heart, kidneys, overall wellbeing, and longevity.