Started with Us: December, 2022

Other Info:

In her spare time Dr Jess can be found curled up reading a book or crocheting while cuddling her cats. She enjoys time spent with family and friends, and giving lots of belly rubs to her parents Labrador retriever.


Dr Jess grew up in Brisbane, and decided before the age of six she was going to be a veterinariam.

There was always at least one animal in the house, and every visit to the vet she would bombard the veterinarian with questions and ask to use the stethoscope. Which helped her get her first job at the clinic’s cattery, and more opportunities to ask all the questions she could think of.

Her passion never waned, and the cattery along with her own cat helped grow her love of all things feline. Today Dr Jess loves working with all the animals that come through our clinic’s door, and although she has a special interest in feline medicine, she has extensive knowledge on all species and aspects of her job with a particular interest in preventative medicine.

Her favourite part of her job is being able to build quality relationships with our clients and their pets, and seeing the bond they share.